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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Total Eclipse: Wedding of the Beast and his Bride

Our readers in the USA will be particularly aware of the forthcoming total eclipse of the sun in the last degrees of Leo the Lion on 21st August. The totality will be visible across much of North America.

Thoth Tarot Atu Lust XI: Wedding of the Beast and his Bride

With us (i.e., Thelemites), the significance of the total occultation of the sun on 21st August 2017 rests on the fact that the longitudinal position coincides with that of the star Regulus, primary symbol of the Aeon of Hrumachis (Hormaku). Initiates may thus focus their efforts towards liberation from the poisonous aeons of humanity. In so doing, we prepare the earth for her appointed destiny with the company of heaven or Nuit.

The fixed star Regulus is one of the four ancient “Watchers of the Skies” that mark the corners of the visible universe. Regulus is otherwise known as Cor Leonis, “heart of the lion”. The Great Symbol or universal mandala of the Order of the Star is aligned with the Aeonic Mutable Cross now formed by Regulus. The Aeonic Mutable Cross, or Hrumachis as it is obliquely referenced in the Egyptian Book of the Law, was formed by the end of 2012 when the position of Regulus moved out of Leo and into the sign of Virgo. Exactly three years later, at the Capricorn solstice of 2015, Boleskine House burned to the ground, fulfilling the prophecy declared in Liber AL vel Legis, III: 34. The article Prophecy of Liber AL Fulfilled appeared shortly after those events.

The alchemical rectification or fixing of the volatile was known and operated by ancient Egyptian priest-kings in the ceremony called the Opening the Mouth (of the Lion). The Mutable Cross opens a passage into hyperspace, thus affording the transmutation of the dual kundalini energy (Aub) into the starlight of Nuit (Aud). In ancient Egyptian terms, it is the forming of the magical body called the Khu, which houses the immortal Khabs star.(1) As it is put in Liber AL vel Legis, I: 8:

The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs.

Every Neophyte works to develop their own understanding of the mysterious role played by the tetrahedronal pyramid in Initiation. The tetrahedron, symbol of the Diamond Soul, is adumbrated by the Probationer as they near the end of their course. The Neophyte then realises this more fully at their Initiation known as the Phoenix.(2) The interplay of the triangle and the square, the ternary and quadruplicity (“Hormaku”), overshadows the whole course of Initiation that is possible to humanity in its final wave of manifestation.

According to “Starlight Gateway”, The Law of Thelema—Quantum Yoga:
The three-dimensional tetrahedron representing the Khabs in time and space thus opens and ‘dissolves’. It then passes out of time and space into the infinite field of space (zero) and consciousness (none). The tetrahedron then opens up as the Sri Yantra, the Eye in the Triangle or Hawk’s Eye in the Silver Star, as declared in Liber AL vel Legis, II: 44:
Aye! feast! rejoice! there is no dread hereafter. There is the dissolution, and eternal ecstasy in the kisses of Nu.
The flame of Hadit now burns with the Khabs star dwelling in the celestial Khu, so the Khabs passes out of the three dimensional universe of time and space.

The Trident of Neptune

An ominous portent of another kind appears the following day, August 22nd 2017, as the Sun enters Virgo. A strange configuration appears, which we can best describe as the Trident of Neptune. We created a simple graphic here to illustrate this. 

"Neptune Trident" Zodiacal Configuration for Sun entering Virgo August 22nd, 2017

The main branch of the Trident is formed by Neptune opposing Mercury and the Moon. The arms of the Trident are formed by Venus and Jupiter in square aspect. The upper points to the left and right of Neptune are formed by Uranus and Pluto, squaring Venus and Jupiter respectively.

Qabalistically, the supernal triad is represented above by Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Below, symbolic of the terrestrial plane, we have Mercury (in retrograde cycle) and the Moon covering 8–15 degrees Virgo. The beneficent planets Jupiter and Venus here mediate between heaven and earth, the non-material and material worlds that compose the Thelemic two and naught (0=2 equation). As it is put in Liber AL vel Legis, I: 28:
None breathed the light, faint and faery, of the stars, and two.
Traditionally, members of the Order gather (whether physically or astrally) each month to celebrate the entry of the Sun into a new sign of the Zodiac. This entry of the Sun into Virgo, coinciding with the Trident of Neptune, is no exception. Members in the United Kingdom will be performing the rite of Nuit and Ra for Virgo at around 6pm GMT or Universal Time on the evening of Tuesday the 22nd August.(3) This ritual is a celebration of the ancient Egyptian mysteries of Isis. When Horus, the ‘Aeon’ or magical child, is poisoned by the weight of all the evils of humanity, Isis and Nephthys (the dual Aub wave) call for the sunboat of Ra to be stopped in its tracks (a total eclipse; shivadarshana).

Thus time stands still. In the silent chasm between the worlds that has opened up (rending of the veil), Isis is able to receive a communication from Tahuti or Thoth-Hermes. She has thus made herself receptive to the Knowledge and Conversation of her Holy Guardian Angel. With the magical spell given her by Tahuti during the cessation of time, Isis is able to neutralise the poison and raise Horus from the dead.

There is a fascinating twist to this tale, in that the poisoners take the form of seven scorpions sacred to Hathoor (the Eye of Ra). When Isis compels them to be obedient (to the Great Work), they “turn down their heads” and so the destructive forces that previously overwhelmed the chakras of life, love and liberty are banished and nature is renewed or restored.

Eclipse Transits to the Natal Horoscope

The August 2017 total eclipse phenomenon will not be visibly perceptible to observers in the UK, though its shadow falls across much of North America. The stars and planets form the same degrees of celestial longitude wherever we happen to be on the earth. Eclipse horoscopes around the world differ only in the matter of the house positions, not the signs or aspects between the planets and luminaries. The sun will be low in the west, in the 7th astrological house in the UK. North America is five hours behind us by the clock, so it will be the middle of the afternoon there.

The house position becomes important if we want to juxtapose the eclipse chart against our birth horoscope. For example, if the eclipse point transits the 7th house in your chart, then expect the power of the eclipse to be experienced through other people, especially those you live with or have a one-to-one relationship with. The house cusps are very sensitive to such transits. If your Ascendant happens to fall between 28 and 30 degrees Leo then the power of the eclipse might be measured in personal terms. It would be as though a ‘karmic shadow’ moved across the whole sphere of life and influence. One might experience déjà vu very intensely and on a daily basis for several weeks, for example. It is worth noting here that while it is natural we should look to the precise moment when such an eclipse achieves totality, in astrological and psychic terms the immediate—quite often disruptive—effects stretch for a lunation at least (i.e., one lunar month). However, a major eclipse like this one can mark events of an entire lifetime. In collective terms, it can mark the dramatic culmination (and initiation) of long lasting social and political changes.