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Friday, 23 June 2017

Astrum Draconis

Astrum Draconis, Liber 373 reveals the Tantra of the West through seven rays of the Dragon Star. While the decad of the Qabalistic Tree of Life is not usually equated with the better known sevenfold chakra system, the sevenfold Way of the Dragon is implicit.

Liber 373 Astrum Draconis the Way of the Dragon Star
Liber 373 is suitable for the Thelemic aspirant of the grade of Philosophus, or anyone that dares to know, to will and to keep silence. It is also a course in magical initiation that includes knowledge lectures, rituals, yoga, meditation, invocation, skrying and tasks to perform. According to Liber AL, III: 71,

“Hail! ye twin warriors about the pillars of the world! for your time is nigh at hand.”

Who or what, then, are these twin warriors? They have arisen and are entwined about the axis of the universe; they manifest all phenomena. The division invoked by a magical Act of Will may arise as a dual force, symbolised on the Tree of Life by the two pillars or Moon and Sun of dreaming and waking consciousness.
The number 373 is that of Logos, the divine word or primal utterance by which all things in existence are ordered and given life. The number 373 is also that of the Greek word ataxia, ‘confusion’—the confusion of many voices that make up the discordant noise of the human ego. The number 373 provides the antidote, ShKM AChD, ‘to be of one mind’. The mind and body must be calmed before meditation can be achieved. ‘The Oath’, which also corresponds to 373, invokes the soul as silent witness to the ritual act.

The book’s Appendices include the following.
The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram and Comment
The Gates of Babalon Ritual and Comment
Meditation and Preparations for Meditation
The Magician as Hierogyph
Purification and Consecration
Invoking Pentagrams of the Elements
Kameas and Signatures of the Spirits
Also included is a newly revised version of the small book concerned with the Dedication of a Sanctuary or Temple. A magical Temple does not need to be an impressive structure made from stone, or a Masonic hall with tiled floor and pillars of Solomon. Buildings and specially equipped rooms are a fine thing and can be very beautiful, but the real shrine of deity is the heart of the devotee. Altars, wands, robes and lamps assist in linking magical forces with the physical plane of existence—and so the mind and body of the Initiate—but effective magical work can nonetheless be done without any special equipment. The dedication of a Sanctuary or Temple to its deity does not therefore depend on physical structures.


Liber 373 Astrum Draconis includes the Mass of Hormaku with Litany and Collects. The Liturgy is presented in full online here.

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