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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Chariot to the Stars

Cancer is the 18th path on the Hermetic Tree and is the intelligence that links Binah, seat of Understanding and Neschemah, with Geburah, Mars. The title of the path is Child of the Powers of Water: Lord of the Triumph of Light. The Thoth Tarot trump is The Chariot VII, a design that shows Binah as the Holy Graal and Geburah as the furnace of the Sun, the blood or energy that is poured into the Cup by the magician.

Thoth Tarot Atu The Chariot VII

Tarot of Thoth: The Chariot VII

The sixteen subquadrants of the elemental Watchtowers of the Universe are depicted as the composite Sphinxes that draw the Chariot forward. The letter of the Tarot Atu is cheth, “a fence or enclosure”. Cheth spelled in full (ChITh) equals 418, the number of Abrahadabra, which is emblazoned upon the Chariot’s canopy. Aleister Crowley’s solar interpretation of Abrahadabra as “Father-Sun-Hadit” conceals a lunar formula, that of the magical spirit-body called the Khu. In cosmic aspect the Khu is the company of heaven referred to in the Egyptian Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis I: 1–4:
Had! The manifestation of Nuit. The unveiling of the company of heaven. Every man and every woman is a star. Every number is infinite; there is no difference.

Path 18 and The Flaming Sword

Here is the commentary on the 18th path of Cancer from The Flaming Sword:

The 18th path is The Child of the Powers of the Waters: the Lord of the Triumph of Light.

The 18th path is imaged forth by the Tarot key The Chariot VII. The path of Cheth is called the Intelligence of the House of Influence. Cheth means “a wall” or “enclosure”; from the interior, runes of secret knowledge flow from Binah via the Abyss. Secreted in these shades or stars are the keys of union with the queen of space. The power or intelligence of the 18th path is experienced as consciousness that flows like water from the innermost depths, symbolised as the walled City of the Pyramids (Vision and the Voice, Aleister Crowley). Much of the labour of the Great Work is to make the frail human personality a suitable vehicle for the influx of cosmic consciousness that would otherwise overwhelm it. The preliminary work is to train the mind and increase the power of concentration, to hold an image steady in the mind, like an unwavering flame. The mental powers are then applied to the building of a ‘Chariot’ or Merkebah, as depicted in the Tarot trump—a vehicle of will, called the resurrection body in mysticism, by which the secret paths of the Hermetic Tree may be negotiated. The Holy Ghost and the Holy Graal are cognate terms; the Cup of Babalon or Binah is the receptacle from which the feminine spirit, Khu or Shekinah, is imbibed, producing divine intoxication—not to be confused with ordinary drunkenness. The magical power of the 18th path is the Power of Casting Enchantments.

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