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Oliver St. John is the author of books on Hermetic and Thelemic philosophy, Qabalah, operative magical Theurgy, Tarot and astrology. He is a founding member of Ordo Astri, Thelemic Magical Collegium and has been a member of the Typhonian Order since 2000 e.v. New articles and essays are posted at Tantrika Books.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 : The Year Ahead

The year 2013 is the second of five years in which we have a tumultuous and somewhat scary series of seven Uranus-Pluto squares. Pluto represents plutocrats, governments and other major powers such as the economy and those who control it, especially if the control is done in secret. Uranus symbolises liberty and freedom, social justice and the rights of the individual.

Uranus Square Pluto (Exact), 20th May, 2013

Uranus Square Pluto May 2013 Astrological Chart

The conflict of Uranus and Pluto symbolises critical tension between freedom and individual liberty on the one hand, and power and tyranny on the other. On a global scale the power of governments, banks, and the money-lenders that control the world’s resources comes to a nerve-jangling stand-off against the rights of the individual. We can all appreciate the obvious facts behind Marx’s Das Kapital. He who controls money and resources controls the people; in fact, he controls pretty much everything on the material plane. The lords of money are the lords of this earth. So long as this remains a fact then war, famine, poverty and tyranny will continue until the intervention of some manmade or natural disaster sends us all to kingdom come.

Two of the seven squares will occur during 2013. The first is on May 20 and the second is on November 1. The months before and after those dates are very tense periods with the possibility of explosive events occurring where the squares are exact. April will be dramatic, especially where the economy is concerned, one of the powers that dominates the world. Banks could fail (again!) to a catastrophic extent.

Saturn, the planet of understanding and wisdom gained through trial and experience, moved into Scorpio last year, and there he will stay for the next two and a half years. The sign of Scorpio is concerned with debt, taxation, shared resources or other people’s money, investments, inheritance and legacy. Scorpio, as the natural sign of the 8th house, is also concerned with sex, death and transformation. In the magical and alchemical sense, these last three are inseparable terms.

Debt is a four-letter word that has considerable import in the situation we find ourselves in at the beginning of this 21st century. The international money-lenders and bankers of the world depend on debt to make vast profits. Yet we are now being told that we cannot borrow—even though lending and borrowing maintains the Capitalist money system and global economy. So long as the trading and investments of the world depend on two human emotions, greed and fear, then the consequences will always involve pain and suffering. As industrial civilisations have expanded, so has the extent of the pain and suffering. Depending on technology and science for continued economic growth has made no difference to this equation.

On the spiritual level, what is debt anyway? There is a word, “Redemption”, the redemption from sin. This does not only apply to Christianity, Buddhism has the concept of “Merit”; in fact all the world religions have some notion of sin, and redemption from sin. “Redeeming” implies a trade, barter or exchange. The concept automatically implies a ransom paid, a kind of salvation through knavery; indeed, the whole idea of sin and redemption rests upon a complex psychopathology.

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