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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Scorpio and the Tarot of Thoth

The Sun’s entry into Scorpio heralds the beginning of the Halloween festivities. Magically speaking, the season’s elemental focus comes with the nearest full Moon—nature is not bound by the clock and the calendar in quite the same way that we are.

Scorpio and the Tarot of Thoth: Death XIII
Crowley called the Tarot card for Scorpio, “A compendium of universal energy in its most secret form.”[1] The Tarot trump for Scorpio has been regarded, along with the Halloween festivities, with some horror. For one thing the title of the trump is Death. For another, it is the 13th. The esoteric title of the card is Child of the Great Transformers: Lord of the Gates of Death.

The dual nature of Scorpio is admirably depicted in the design of the card. A skeletal figure is wielding a scythe. With the sweep of the scythe, bubbles appear in which new forms are created.

In nature, life and death are two sides of one coin and so Death is shown as a dancing figure, destroying form and structure while simultaneously recreating it. The card is therefore a symbol of transformation and regeneration, apt for the autumnal months of October and November. In the language of alchemy, the figure sums up the chemical changes called putrefaction. It is said that the base metal iron can only be changed into gold during the month when the Sun traverses Scorpio.

In astrology the fixed water sign Scorpio is ruled by fiery Mars, the energy that breaks down form into its elements—so that new life can be created. Scorpio actually has three symbols: the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Snake. While the Scorpion symbolises the voluntary submission to inevitable change, the undulations of the Snake symbolise the dual dance of life and death. The Eagle is said to be the higher form of Scorpio, since it has always represented ascendancy over matter or material form. Putrefaction gives off gas or vapour, and this has its parallel in occultism with spirituous non-material substances that are nonetheless tangible to clairvoyance. Ectoplasm or etheric matter is known to act as a medium between the physical world and more tenuous planes of existence.

The head of the Eagle is used as a symbol for alchemical distillation—it therefore represents the sublimation of gross matter. Scorpio is the 8th house or area of influence in astrology. The 8th house governs matters of sex, death and legacies. It therefore sums up all of our memory and experience; at the same time the very nature of Scorpio urges us towards transformation and change.


1. The Book of Thoth, pp. 101 [Weiser].

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Alchemy Thoth Tarot Spread

The Alchemy Thoth Tarot Spread was created primarily for the purpose of problem solving. The three-card groups allow the Tarot dignities to be used. One advantage of this layout is its simplicity; it is based on the idea that Rajas (Sulphur, action) acts upon Tamas (Salt, inertia) to bring about Sattwas (Mercury, wisdom).

Alchemy Thoth Tarot Spread

Alchemical Salt (5 2 8): The inertia to be overcome; the problem or any difficulties around the question.

Alchemical Sulphur (6 3 9): Activity; the action that will most likely be taken by the Querent.

Alchemical Mercury (4 1 7): A synthesis of forces; the solution; this will come to pass.

If desired, a card may be chosen and placed in the centre of the triad before shuffling and laying the other cards, to represent the Querent.


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